Digital piracy for creators

I. Introduction

  • Briefly describe the problem at hand and the need for a systematic approach to find a solution.

II. Brainstorming Phase

  • Generate four distinct solutions by considering various factors and brainstorming creative ideas.

III. Evaluation Phase

Evaluate each proposed solution by considering pros and cons, initial effort, implementation difficulty, potential challenges, and expected outcomes.

Assign a probability of success and confidence level to each option.

Rank the solutions and announce the two highest ranked ones.

IV. Expansion Phase

  • Expand each of the two highest ranked solutions into two distinct implementation variants, considering different aspects and approaches.

V. Deepening Phase

For each implementation variant of each solution, delve deeper into the thought process and generate potential scenarios, implementation strategies, and strategies to overcome potential obstacles.

Consider potential unexpected outcomes and develop plans to address them.

Assign a probability of success and confidence level to each implementation variant.

Rank the implementation variants and announce the highest ranked variant for each solution.

VI. Selection Phase

  • Based on the given solutions and their implementation variants, select the most promising solution with the most promising implementation variant.

VII. Conclusion

Summarize the chosen solution and its final implementation variant.

Emphasize the effectiveness and potential impact of the selected approach in solving the initial problem of #problem

Note: Throughout the process, ensure clear and concise communication, logical flow, and a focus on actionable steps to effectively address the problem at hand.

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Problem-solving Workflow for #Digital piracy for creators